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  • These maps are prepared on the basis of vector-based mapping data (IHO S-57 format) including the detailed description of each object (beacons, wrecks, submarine cables, regulated zones, survey systems, etc.). These maps are the digital equivalent of printed nautical charts.

  • Non-georeferenced digital images in JPEG2000 format from former hydrographical survey fair sheets obtained from Shom's historical archives.

  • The georeferenced digital image solution for the nautical chart is a digital conversion of the corresponding printed nautical chart produced by Shom or its legends, with georeferencing indications and including miscellaneous text.

  • RasterMarine is a series of digital images taken from nautical charts, with no additions, legends or georeferencing information. The RasterMarine range is available at five sets of scales: - RasterMarine 20 1: 20,000 - RasterMarine 50 1: 50,000 - RasterMarine 150 1: 150,000 - RasterMarine 400 1: 400,000 - RasterMarine 1M 1: 1,000,000. Unless exceptional circumstances apply, the RasterMarine range is updated on a weekly basis and the modified grid squares are re-published, replacing the previous versions. All corrections, publications and editions with an effect on the reference nautical charts are taken into consideration.