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  • "Regulation - Navigation" product contains 18 object classes, the acronyms used are those of IHO standard S-57 - International Hydrographic Organization – ( - Anchorage area (ACHARE): an area in which vessels anchor or may anchor. - Anchor berth (ACHBRT): a designated area of water where a single vessel, sea plane, etc. may anchor. - Administration Area (Named) (ADMARE) - Cable area (CBLARE) - Coastguard station (CGUSTA) - Cargo transhipment area (CTSARE) - Distance mark (DISMAR): mark indicating the distance on canals or rivers. - Dumping ground (DMPGRD): sea area where dredged material or other potentially more harmful material e.g. explosives, chemical waste, is deliberately deposited. - Fairway (FAIRWY): part of a river, harbour etc. where the main navigable channel for vessels of larger size lies. It is also the usual course followed by vessels entering or leaving harbours and sometimes called "ship channel". - Ice area (over land or water) (ICEARE) - Local magnetic anomaly (LOCMAG): anomaly of the magnetic field of the earth, extending over a relatively small area, due to local magnetic influences. - Marine farm/culture (MARCUL) - Navigation line (NAVLNE): a line generally passing through two clearly defined charted landmarks, and along part of which a vessel can approach safely. - Pipeline area (PIPARE) - Recommended track (RECTRC): track of undefined width, recommended to all or only certain vessels. - Restricted area (RESARE): specified area designated by an appropriate authority within which navigation is restricted in accordance with certain specified conditions. - Sea-plane landing area (SPLARE) Detailed definitions of each of these object classes can be found in the S-57 standard ( An online catalog is available at Some of the symbols used for display on portal have been adapted from icons from the OpenSeaMap open library ( For reasons of readability, not all the characteristics of the objects are systematically displayed. All available information can be consulted by querying this layer.